Do Not Confuse Spirit And Matter

laitman_625_03Question: If every corporeal thing has a spiritual root, my family wasn’t given to me by chance either. If the Creator exists, does this means that I should reveal Him here, in the family?

Answer: There are corporeal and spiritual components.

The corporeal component is the family, and you should live within this framework and care for it. And the other component belongs only to the spiritual, which means to the soul. We should not confuse the two.

In our world, I have to care of my children, my wife, my relatives, and my parents, but this has nothing to do with my soul. It is as it says in the Torah: “Therefore, a man should leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife.

Question: How can we examine the relations in the family solely as animals? If people truly discuss and solve different spiritual problems in the family and listen to the opinions of their relatives, is that also a corporeal inclination?

Answer: There are different families, depending on what they discuss and what they think. This is your business. I don’t reject the family, but I believe that family decisions, even the most serious ones, have nothing to do with spirituality.

Comment: We have said that good relations between a husband and a wife can help them reveal the Creator’s presence.

Answer: They can, of course, if only they succeed in doing that.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/11/16

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