Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 11/6/16

laitman_281_02Question: Why are we so different if we are parts of one soul?

Answer: Even in the human body, each organ works differently: at its own pace, with its own dynamics. Even though in the spiritual world all of us are one single soul, each one of us belongs to a different organ, and therefore, we are different. Wholeness is achieved specifically through the mutual connection between us.

Question: Does desire precede thought or are they not connected?

Answer: Desire is the main thing and it is constantly working within us. It must be replaced, directed, and corrected. So the only thing we can do is provide it with the right direction.

Question: You say that our soul is consciousness. Is it possible to say that this is the same as perception?

Answer: No, perception is the consequence of the correct structure of the soul.

Question: Can there be one soul for two people?

Answer: We have one soul for all.

Question: Do you believe that the theory of quantum physics is approaching the correct understanding of the soul, the structure of the spiritual part of the world?

Answer: It will never work, because what we can comprehend in our physical minds is not at all compatible with what exists in the spiritual space.

Question: Can the human body leave this world without acquiring the soul?

Answer: Certainly, in fact, the whole world is like that.

Question: Which of our characteristics or efforts does the wisdom of Kabbalah attribute to the spiritual baggage of a person who is capable of moving from one incarnation to another?

Answer: If a person has a desire to understand the meaning of life and he is lucky enough to find a teacher, a group, and a correct method for realizing this yearning, he is fortunate.

Question: How many years of study did you spend to reach your soul?

Answer: I don’t even remember, but at some point it turns out. This is different with each person.

Question: Can studying the wisdom of Kabbalah improve personal characteristics; is it possible to become a more sincere, respectable, kind, wise person?

Answer: Yes, but only on condition that it is useful for attaining the spiritual goal. Therefore, in our world it is not necessary that this be manifested in a form that is understood by everyone else.

Question: If the soul is divided into 600,000 parts, does everyone have his own part, just as the body has a head, arms, etc.? Or are all the parts identical?

Answer: No. In spirituality everything exists as an integral system. 600,000 parts is a conditional concept. We simply need to reach a level that is called 600,000 because this is the level of Arich Anpin in the head of the world of Atzilut. Zeir Anpin (60), attains the level of 10,000 and therefore it is called 600,000 (60 X 10,000), or Zeir Anpin rises to Arich Anpin of the world of Atzilut. These are not even parts but an intensity that we must achieve.

Question: I don’t understand, does a person recreate his soul or build a new one? Does the Creator allow such arbitrariness?

Answer: A person recreates something that was broken. But when he creates the soul from the broken parts, he begins to comprehend how this comes out, what this consists of, and what are its internal laws and properties. And this is already his possession.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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