Defense Spending

laitman_566_02Comment: Humanity has not been able to pull itself together; defense spending is growing every year.

My Response: Certainly. These “toys” have become more and more expensive.

Question: Do you believe that the reason for this is rising prices or are there more arms purchases?

Answer: I think this might occur before the next level of war, which will be managed with the help of robots: unmanned aircraft, ships, and submarines. There is no need for soldiers in this. They require operators sitting behind computers and everything else will be managed through these toys.

Question: Where is this leading us, the removal of people from all the military games and incessant growth of armaments?

Answer: Humanity will work on this. I hope, particularly today when the United States is apparently going through changes, that we will go in the way of peace and not in the way of war. This is because during the tenure of President Obama, talk about a third world war as something normal, as something self-evident, began. As it were, don’t worry. Everything will happen in its time.

I believe that humanity has an opportunity to overcome all of this, and until then, the boys will play with these toys. Adults are sitting behind computers like children and beginning to manage the process. Everything is directed toward breaking others’ computers, damaging their systems. So these toys are very serious and vey expensive. This is an endless war that can be managed on millions of fronts because it includes everything, beginning from computers to the means for identifying and disrupting systems.

Question: How do we get to the last stage and stop engaging with this?

Answer: It will be when we see that all of this is completely useless, that we are just playing. Suppose a war begins today, not in the skies, but on computers. After all, we already understand that fighting from the skies is worthless. You just press “Enter” and that’s it. We no longer exist. So playing like this is better.

After a war like this, when a lot of money was spent, you ultimately see that you cannot fight because you are not pressing on the button to destroy a stranger but it is the equivalent of destroying yourself—everything will quietly end. 

I would be scoring on my own goal; there is no longer any enthusiasm for the game; there is nothing to climb to. We all need to go out to the next level of development. Especially when we consider that we will not need to work because we can provide every person in the world with everything, and for free. What this means is that we must be involved with something else, in particular, the relationships between us.

All together this will lead to an epiphany for mankind, and they will see that their yearning is directed toward the next level of existence because in fact, all pleasure, all fulfillment, is found there. So, I am an optimist.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/15/16

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