Do Not Add And Do Not Subtract

laitman_032_06Torah, Deuteronomy 13:1: Everything I command you that you shall be careful to do it. You shall neither add to it, nor subtract from it.

All the measurements of spiritual actions must be very precise. A person cannot do less or more. If he does less than he can perform in order to bestow, it means he was greedy and didn’t give enough of himself. And if he does more, then it means that he thoughtlessly attracted his uncorrected egoism to it.

It should be cut exactly along the verge of realizing that we can work in order to bestow up to the certain state and no further. Then there will be a clear distinction, no more and no less.

All this is decided in the head of the spiritual Partzuf. The soul has a head part and a body part. The head part finds solutions for all the problems, and the body part implements them.

Question: Can the body part disagree with the head part?

Answer: No, it can’t. But the confirmation of what you realize must be exactly in the material body part. In other words, the head should know clearly what you can allow yourself in the body. It doesn’t happen often in the material world, but the spiritual path is built entirely upon it.

“You shall neither add to it, nor subtract from it” is an absolutely clear action measured in advance.

If you make the calculation “no more and no less” in your head, it means that nothing will happen to you in the body.

You won’t go into either Klipa (impure qualities) of the right line or Klipa of the left line.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/13/16

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