The Spiritual Root Of Time

Unity, The Way To A Good FutureQuestion: What is the difference between past, present, and future according to the wisdom of Kabbalah? What is the spiritual root of time?

Answer: The whole universe and all of humanity undergo certain phases of development and are constantly changing.

In fact, the Earth doesn’t actually exist and neither does outer space; it is just how we picture the situation in our ego (our desire). In other words, the world is a reflection of our internal state. A person changes from one state to another, and therefore the Kabbalistic method changes to a certain degree and still develops.

Today we are in an unprecedented phase that no generation before us has undergone, and so we complete this method by adding our part, our chapter. The next generations that will follow the wisdom of Kabbalah will complete and write their own chapters.

Today we are actually in a phase where we can complete the whole story.

The spiritual root of time is the Reshimot (informational records) that have accumulated in us after the shattering.

In the past we were one unique vessel and then we were shattered. And now we are gradually getting back together into one unique vessel under the influence of the Light that constantly operates on us. The continuous assembly of all the shattered particles gives us a feeling of time. In fact, this is not time but changes of our states.

We can say that time is the distance between desire and pleasure.

We have to get together in one central point as one man in one heart. We are moving toward this center whether we like it or not, because the Light inside us directs us toward it. The time during which we have to reach the center is 6,000 years.


6,000 years ago our Reshimot began moving toward the center. And we systematically undergo 6,000 states, called 6,000 years. Internally it is felt as time, but in fact it isn’t time but changing states.

What is time? The concept time refers to the fact that now I feel myself in a certain way and in a moment I will feel differently. The gap between these two states is called time. Time doesn’t exist, it is a subjective measure.

Today many scientists understand that time can move both forward and backward. Ups and downs, changes and fluctuations inside all of us give us the feeling of positive and negative time.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/15/16

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