Shimon Peres Died

laitman_293Comment: Shimon Peres, a well-known public figure who did so much for Israel has passed away. He founded the Kibbutz where he worked as a shepherd and then as the Kibbutz secretary. Later he served as minister in many fields including absorption, defense, etc. Later he became president of Israel. Shimon Peres passed away at the age of 94.

Answer: Shimon Peres was one of the founding fathers of the State of Israel, a disciple of Ben Gurion, who followed him and gradually changed according to the times. He may be called a man of socialist ideas, dedicated and loyal to them to such a degree that he sometimes arrived at mistaken conclusions, but he stood on them. He founded the Israeli nuclear industry. He lost many times during his lifetime, but he often won as well. He turned out to be weak in negotiations and gave in on issues where he didn’t have to give in.

A true leader is a complex figure because we are not aware of the conditions under which a person operates, but it was evident that he wasn’t easy on himself. The death of Shimon Peres, who from the age of 18 to the age of 90 was continuously active in Israeli politics, is an end of an era.

His biography is amazing! Of course, there are those who respect him and those who don’t, but no politician or leader was indifferent to him. He undoubtedly left his mark, but it actually doesn’t exist anymore because he represented socialism, which has passed away back in the 1980’s. The leaders who followed him like Begin and Netanyahu represent capitalism, but since the beginning of the 21st century the era of capitalism is also dying out.

Question: So where is humanity headed then?

Answer: We are heading toward the natural evolution of nature that shows us a very simple way: we must all unite. This is the essence of true communism,where humanity has to reach the recognition that we are connected to each other. And here only the wisdom of Kabbalah can help us because it gives us the strength and understanding of what needs to be done in this state. Nature forces us to do so.

I don’t mean that we should return to the communism we knew in the past, which wasn’t true communism, but was characterized by slavery and terror. I am speaking about a society in which everyone will receive the basic necessities and all of the filling will arrive from the attainment of the upper level of life through the unity between people. This is another state, another dimension. This is what we have to explain to people.

Question: Do you believe that people will understand that?

Answer: There is no other choice. I believe that we will actually get help from overseas where they will begin to pressure us to such a degree that no high tech inventions or military innovations will help us. We will have to show the world spiritual high tech and what we can contribute to the whole world. Only then will they calm down.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/29/16

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