Humanity, An Experiment Of The Upper Force?

Laitman_115_06Question: Could it be that humanity is an unsuccessful experiment of the upper force, which could be stopped at any given moment or restarted from scratch?

Answer: No, humanity is not an unsuccessful experiment, and there is no point blaming the upper force that created us and is leading us toward the goal. It is leading us toward the goal in an absolutely accurate manner according to its plan.

This plan was revealed by early Kabbalists almost 6,000 years ago. They described what they revealed then, and to this day everything they described is like clockwork. Therefore, there are no coincidences; humanity is constantly pushed forward, led by its egoism. But today, at the final phase of our development, we can advance consciously by correcting ourselves, by mitigating our way, and by making it shorter, smoother, safer, and even happier. It is up to us.

If we refuse to advance along the way we are shown willingly and consciously, we will advance by being pushed forward by sufferings. This is how you treat a stubborn child, forcing him to do the right thing, and if he refuses, you punish him by denying him sweets, not allowing him to watch TV, not allowing him to go out and play, etc., and without a choice he finishes his studies.

At the same time, it makes no difference whether he enjoys his studies, whether he convinces himself that he has to finish his studies, or whether he is afraid of the punishments.

It is not easy to convince yourself to listen to the upper, to the one who is greater and wiser than you, and to obey him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/10/16

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