How Does The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Influence Life In This World?

laitman_281_02Question: How will studying the wisdom of Kabbalah influence life in this world?

Answer: The moment we begin to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, life in this world begins to change for the better.

It may take a long time until our studying and desire influences the upper governance system and a response from it reaches us. A certain pause is created that can go on for months or even longer.

So, the main thing is not to despair and to understand that we have no other way in the world. Try to do this now, otherwise, you will only regret it in the future.

Years will go by, and you will have to return to this life, to this world. There is nothing good in it. But you will have to be born and suffer again until you reach a state in one of your future incarnations when you will manage to correct yourself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/8/16

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  1. Is there a possibility of remind of events from a previous life ?

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