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laitman_531_01Question: I had many questions after the St. Petersburg convention. We have learned that we cannot change those around us, but can only change ourselves by working with our egoism. But in the convention you said that we cannot change ourselves either, but can only change our connections in the group.

I understand that the work in the group is very important, but still we have to work on ourselves in some way in order to correct our desires. How can we correct the intention of in order to receive for my own sake to in order to bestow?

Are there any concrete suggestions, exercises, or practical work? I cannot participate in a group physically and I don’t think that I can actually advance by working with my virtual group.

Answer: We can do anything the Creator can do, and we can also receive and harm others, which He cannot do. We can change ourselves and others internally because the whole world is inside me! You need to find a group and study together, even in a virtual group.

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