“Asteroid Approaching The Earth”

laitman_746_02Opinion (DSLauretta, Professor of Planetary Science and Cosmochemistry at the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, near-Earth asteroid formation and evolution export): “Yesterday, the media reported widely on the upcoming launch of OSIRIS-REx. While many of these reports were accurate and informative, a few of the headlines were a little misleading. For example:

NASA Spacecraft Set to Explore Giant Asteroid That Could Destroy Earth

“Fortunately, as the news cycle progressed, these inaccuracies were corrected:

No, Asteroid Bennu Won’t Destroy Earth

“I thought it would be useful to summarize the effects of a Bennu impact. The Minor Planet Center classifies Bennu as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid because it has a diameter larger than 150 m and a minimum orbit intersection distance (MOID) of < 0.05 Astronomical Units (abbreviated AU and equal to the average distance between the Earth and Sun) with the Earth. Bennu has a mean diameter of 492 meters and its MOID is 0.003 AU. The MOID will steadily decrease resulting in a potential Earth impact during the later decades of the 22nd century. The tabulation of potential Earth impacts results in a cumulative impact probability of approximately 1 in 2700 sometime in the 2175– 2196 time frame. …

“A Bennu impact would be a major natural disaster. The results would be felt for hundreds of miles with most of the damage concentrated within tens of miles of the impact site. The Earth would be largely unaffected, with the exception of a new geologic feature – the Bennu impact crater!”

Answer: I don’t believe that humanity will be under such an attack at all because according to nature’s plan we have to reach a certain state. Until we reach complete similarity to the good force of nature and begin to see everything through it, nothing will happen to us. Only when we do will the world, which we see though our egoism, gradually melt away and fade away from our feelings, and instead we will have a new feeling of a good and perfect world, which we call the upper world.

Then humanity will feel that it exists in a totally new dimension. In a good dimension, not a bad one, while the asteroids and such are revealed to us the way they are because that’s what we feel in our egoistic states.

Therefore, it is a waste of time talking about this issue and a waste of money developing means to deal with it, since it will not lead to any positive outcomes.

All our advancements, including scientific and technological ones, are also useless.

We will undergo states in which we will draw away from this advancement; states of the recognition of evil in every aspect even with regard to scientific and technological advancement. I am saying this as a scientist. We will feel that our egoistic development is totally unnecessary.

Humanity has undergone all the phases of evolution in order to feel the current state as the recognition of evil, of egoism. Everything we have created in the world was created by our egoism and so we will cease to use it. At the end of our spiritual evolution everything that we have created on the surface of the earth will simply evaporate.

Question: What can lead to the extinction of the Earth and of mankind? Can this actually happen?

Answer: Certainly not!

It is only as a result of the correction of our nature, from an egoistic nature to an altruistic nature, that we will reach a state in which we will begin to see another world.

Our world will indeed turn into a different world, into a good and perfect world that is totally closed, and so there will be no problems.

Then the world as we feel it now will disappear, we will also not feel ourselves the way we do now and will only feel our internal attributes, whereas the external attributes will gradually be nullified and will seemingly evaporate. It is because our egoistic attributes will become altruistic and we will not feel all that anymore.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/3/16

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