Sale Of Nazi Relics

laitman_431_05Comment: Last week there was an auction in Munich in a special antique shop and 169 Nazi relics were sold, among them personal items that belonged to Hitler, Goring, Eva Brown, and others. All the items were sold instantly.

In addition to that, not only sales of the book Mein Kampf are growing, but the history of Nazi Germany is being openly published now. Why do people need these things?

Answer: There is a great demand in Europe for anything that is related to WWII because it is about the people’s past. It is related to their fathers, their grandfathers, and their great grandfathers.

If we don’t correct people and don’t re-educate them ,they will certainly develop egoistically, which is actually the way we all develop, and they will look for these old relics in order to strengthen their hearts.

This is also the reason that new Nazi parties will emerge, and we cannot escape it. Nothing will help stop this process except for the proper education, the right approach to this question! Humanity actually wants to stop the re-emergence of Nazism, but it will be impossible because the natural evolution of the ego will lead us back to national socialism.

Question: On the one hand, you say that we need the right education, and the other hand, you add that it is already impossible to implement it in Europe. How can all this be connected?

Answer: Education is the answer, but who will engage in it?!

Only our organization Bnei Baruch, which was specifically founded for this goal. But this requires very serious work including the participation of thousands of our members all over the world who should start giving courses in every language and reach everyone through the media.

Because this is such a serious problem, these studies must be compulsory for all! Without the correction of the population of Europe, we will not manage to unite it and it will end in the eruption of a new war. I believe that if people truly understand the impending threat, they will be ready to deal with it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/26/16

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