How Do We Grasp The Wisdom of Kabbalah?

laitman_525Question: In regular science, a person reaches everything in a logical manner through his intellect. In the wisdom of Kabbalah it is said that a person must obtain everything in sensations without creating physical images. How do we grasp the wisdom of Kabbalah at the beginning of the study and memorize drawings, definitions, and information as usual in science and create some logic circuits in the mind?

Answer: In section 155 of “Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot” it is said that Kabbalists wrote their books so that during the reading of these books the students would begin the awakening and then the continuation of certain Lights on them.

They don’t need to understand anything nor are they able to understand since they still haven’t revealed anything. However, through attracting the Upper Light they begin to gradually change. These changes build in them elements of various attainments like cells in a honeycomb, ten rows high, ten rows across, and ten rows down, but only in N-dimensional space, and there are 620 honeycombs like these for each sensation.

This is a very serious and interesting system of the psychology of a person’s soul, the element of his real attainment called “ the soul.” Man marches toward attaining his root in his clarification of “Where am I?, “Who am I? and Who created me?” On the way he clarifies how he should act in order to study and research the plan of creation in which he is included. Where will it lead him? Will he be able to realize it in the best possible way, accelerate his development, change its final point, and so on. This is to say study and research of the future is taking place here. When a person begins to understand the entire chain of the transformations that occur within him, then he becomes a Kabbalist.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/28/16

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