What Made People Spread All Over The Globe?

laitman_746_03In the news (openquaternary.com) : “The explanations for a rapid dispersal of modern humans after 100,000 BP remain enigmatic. Populations of modern humans took new routes – crossing significant topographic and environmental barriers, including making major sea crossings, and moving into and through risky and difficult environments. Neither population increase nor ecological changes provide an adequate explanation for a pattern of rapid movement, including leaping into new regions (saltation events). Here it is argued that the structural dynamics of emotionally complex collaboration and in depth moral commitments generates regular expulsion events of founding populations. These expulsion events provide an explanation for the as yet elusive element to dispersal. Alongside cognitive and cultural complexity we should recognise the influence of emerging emotional complexity on significant behavioural changes in the Palaeolithic.”

My Comment: Undoubtedly egoism grew in each and every generation, arousing more and more problems between fathers and sons and between a person and society. This required correction, meaning connection and unity in opposition to the egoism.

But since the wisdom of Kabbalah, the method for uniting above the ego, had not yet been revealed in those generations because of its smallness and the specific lack of the ability to determine individual egoism as evil, people preferred to stay away from each other to mitigate the hostility.

And only in ancient Babylon did egoism show itself as the only problem in humanity. But even then, only a small group of people accepted the method of unity above and against the ego and began to call themselves a people, not on the basis of their local origin, but freely chosen by them ideologically.

And in our time we must finally choose unity as the principle for a new society, specifically in contrast to the global egoism and the involuntary global connection between us. Balancing opposing tendencies is possible only when we elevate global connection above global hatred.

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