New Life #610 – The Messiah: Myth or Truth?

New Life #610 – The Messiah: Myth or Truth?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe



All people have their own legends about what once was and what will be in the future and in between, a difficult daily life. The problem is that we are not familiar with the world we live in, its processes and purpose.

Contrary to what the world thinks about us, we don’t understand anything about the process of development that the world is going through. On the one hand, the people of Israel are close to the Upper Light, on the other hand, they lack any real grasp of it.

I have been involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah for 45 years and only through this wisdom have I understood what the Messiah, the redemption, and more truly are. I lived among the people of the world for 30 years; I felt in my being their special attitude regarding Jews.

We have a connection with the upper force that manages all of reality, but we don’t feel this connection. The resurrection of the dead doesn’t mean that physical body will come back to life; it is a particular stage in the development of the soul. The soul doesn’t belong to our beastly bodies; it is the development of a feeling and intelligence for perceiving divinity. The power that develops us spiritually is called the “Messiah” (Moshiach), it attracts (Moshech) us upward, the Light that Reforms.

Physicality means distance from, rejection, and hatred of others. Spirituality is love and bestowal. The power that helps me advance from physicality to spirituality, from myself to others, is called the Messiah. There is a private Messiah that has the power to develop Kabbalists in every generation, and there is a collective force of Messiah that is for all people. Is the Messiah already here? It is possible to declare that the Creator is also already here. Only someone who feels….

The establishment of Israel was the beginning of the redemption, but we have not yet realized the opportunity that we have been given. To accommodate ourselves to the concept of the Messiah, Israel must direct everything toward, “All Israel are friends.” Difficult or easy days are ahead for us; it all depends on us. The difference between exile (Galut) and redemption (Geulah) is in the letter “Aleph,” meaning, the revelation (Gilui) of the Creator. There is no need to wait for the Messiah; if this force approaches us without proper preparation from our side, it will be bad.
From KabTV’s “New Life #610 – The Messiah: Myth or Truth?” 8/13/15

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