New Life 533 – Beauty And Women In The Scroll Of Esther

New Life 533 – Beauty And Women In The Scroll Of Esther
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

What do the female characters in the “Scroll of Esther” symbolize, why is the value of feminine beauty emphasized in the scroll and where is true beauty found?

All of the characters in the Megillah (scroll) and in the Bible in general, represent forces found within a person.

-Vashti is an egoistic queen, thinking about her own welfare, whereas Esther thinks about the welfare of her people.

-Like Vashti, all of us are egoists. Each one draws things to himself. Haman came and forced us to connect.

-In wild nature, the female is not as beautiful as the male. So a woman has to work on her beautiful appearance.

Nature created us this way because a woman symbolizes a person’s natural desire, which is the ego and is not beautiful.

The entire story about Vashti and Esther shows the work that a person must do with his ego.

-The female side in every person represents the ego. It is ugly, only for itself, at the expense of others.

-It is up to the person to correct (to beautify) himself, concealing his ego and the conflict between people. This is what Esther did. She told the Jews: in order to be saved, you must gather, connect.

-Esther was afraid to approach the king without an invitation. She doesn’t rely on her external beauty. She requires a different beauty. The ultimate beauty that she requires comes from the efforts of her people to gather, to connect, and love each other.

Connection between people creates the ultimate beauty. Connection corrects all the defects that there are in everyone.
From KabTV’s “New Life 533 – Beauty And Women In The Scroll Of Esther,” 3/3/15

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