“Half Of Millennials Live At Home With Parents”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (mybudget360):Millennials continue to graduate with mountains of student loan debt coming out with an average of $30,000 per graduate.  Millennials are struggling to find good paying jobs in a sea of low wage employment that in many cases is a mismatch for their degrees.  You also have a large number of Millennials living at home with their parents unable to move out into a rental or to purchase a new home.  Part of this stems from lower incomes but also the inflated cost of housing brought on by an artificially low rate environment and big investors crowding out regular first time buyers.  In many ways, the recession is still very much here for Millennials and this is the next big cohort to move through the economic system. …

“28 million [American] Millennials are not enrolled in school and are making less than $10,000 a year at their jobs.  In other words, they are in poverty.  …  Yet the situation of housing for Millennials is troubling because it signifies deeper economic problems. …

“Having half of Millennials living at home is not exactly a vote of confidence for the current economy.”

My Comment: The crisis leads to a breakdown of all the old ways of life, squashing everyone down to the “ground,” and this is what will continue until the resistance and stubbornness runs out that opposes listening to the calls from the wisdom of Kabbalah: “Let’s begin correcting our nature before our end comes.”

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