What Is Desirable To The Creator?

laitman_627_2Question: I quote from your book: “As its object of study, Kabbalah takes the only creation, the only thing that exists besides the Creator—man’s self, or “I,” and researches it. This science breaks down the self into parts, explains the structure and properties of each part, and the purpose of its creation.

Kabbalah explains how every part of man’s self, called “the soul,” can be changed so that one would reach the goal of creation, the state desired by both the Creator and man himself” (The Zohar, Page 34).

The question is: What does “desired by the Creator” mean? How can something be desirable or not desirable to the Creator if the Creator is not a personality?

Answer: It says to be desirable… because at the heart of creation is the Creator’s desire to delight the creatures.

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