The Quantization Of The Spiritual World

laitman_571_04Question: Our world is quantum. Is quantization an inherent feature of the spiritual world?

Answer: The spiritual world is totally quantum; everything is divided into five levels: zero, one, two, three, four. The count begins from zero, not from one.

All 125 levels are precisely graduated into ten parts, and each one into ten parts, these are divided into another ten and so on. Absolutely, quantization is a characteristic of the upper world.

The difference between all the parts is only that the quantities become qualities, no more than this. If I carry out ten transformations on myself, then I move to the next level and carry out the next ten transformations there, and so on.

At the foundation of everything lies a micro-particle of desire (energy) and against it a micro-particle of Light. That is, everything is composed of two elements that are opposites, complementing and mutually balancing each other. There is nothing more than this, a small quantum of desire with a small quantum of Light.

Comment: This is very similar to the situation of the elementary particles of the material world. For many scientists, the big secret is why only two large families of particles like these exist.

One family is called Fermions, to which the electrons and quarks belong; they are the egoistic particles from which we are composed. They are egoistic in the sense of their collective behavior; each of them grasps its particular position and nothing can enter there.

But there are also other particles called Bosons; for example, particles of light, photons, which connect the Fermions into a single whole. That is, the atoms or molecules we are composed of don’t break apart because they are altruistic particles.

And nobody understands why only two families exist, because from the point of view of physics and mathematics, there could also be other particles, which could behave differently. But in nature there are specifically these two types: one completely egoistic and the other completely altruistic. It is amazing!

Answer: From the wisdom of Kabbalah, I don’t see how there could be anything else. Certainly there are temporary states, but they are the result of the two main forces: Ohr Hassadim in contrast to the Ohr Hochma.

I think that ultimately we could find some kind of bridge between the wisdom of Kabbalah and the rest of the sciences, and possibilities will appear for discovering a completely different world. But this is possible only after a person understands that everything that he perceives today requires the expansion of his consciousness.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah and Science” 10/7/15

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