Seeing The Two Worlds

Laitman_708Question: Are there people who are not afraid of death?

Answer: Fright, fear of non-existence, the end of life, all of this is a natural feeling.

And if I don’t stop there, but become separated from something very small, dirty, and disgusting, as if I am moving on to another job, or traveling somewhere for a vacation, or just changing my life for something more comfortable, I don’t feel that I am losing something and I am not afraid to separate from it.

On the contrary, I see both worlds. And the transition from one world to another is completely painless, without difficulty, since we feel the upper world many times more brightly and tangibly than our world, and we live simultaneously in the two worlds. As it is said, “You will see your world in your lifetime” (Berachot, 17a).

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