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laitman_556Question: Is it possible to say that sooner or later a person will understand that “Korach,” “leprosy,” and all the other things that the Torah talks about are his internal characteristics?

Answer: It is unlikely that the masses can grasp this correctly, but individuals are capable of transforming themselves.

However, among the masses this happens much more simply because nature changes them and they don’t even feel that they have changed. How do they live normally? Today I think about something and yesterday I don’t even remember what I thought.

It is very difficult for an individual to elevate the masses because he has a unique relationship to them, a unique ego.

Question: Does this mean that we lack the individuals who can elevate the people?

Answer: No. The masses are absolutely managed and changed by those forces that are in them. They do not engage in the study process.

Individuals have states from the day before yesterday, yesterday, today, and tomorrow because concealed within them is a system of internal evaluation and clarification of what is happening. They constitute the head of the collective soul, so that they have thoughts, intentions, and directions that are coordinated with the Creator.

They are concerned about this and need to take everything into themselves, to absorb and agree with the process that is happening. After doing this, everything they understand, grasp, and acoordinate within themselves with the Creator specifically in comparison to the situation from yesterday, today, or tomorrow, all of this passes down to the masses, from the head to the body.

Whereas the masses don’t feel that they are changing: this is how we are, and that’s it. They have no understanding of yesterday, today, or tomorrow, the clarification of their inner states, of the evolutionary movement forward.

They don’t feel this, because they are on the level of the beast, and a beast, as we know, is just connected to that time and situation in which it exists, it has no problems.

A cow that is grazing in a pasture today is no different in any way from a cow that grazed in a pasture 500 years ago. Whereas regarding a human being who lived 500 years ago and a human being who is alive today, still there is a difference.

Nevertheless, the sensation of our human existence of 1,000 years ago has been lost; it doesn’t exist in us. The events that we went through are in us, but are concealed within the reincarnation of souls. Therefore the masses grasp everything completely naturally, without comparing anything: “This is how I am thinking now.”

The difference between the masses and the head part, the Adam, is that the Adam seemingly wanders through the entire axis of time: what interests him is also paleontology, zoology, biology, the wisdom of Kabbalah, the future, and everything else.

Question: So if the head part feels that what is said in the Torah is happening within him, what about the masses?

Answer: The masses will accept all of this naturally. Suddenly completely different attitudes towards each other will be created: “Bestowal? Why not? I see that this is useful and necessary, which is to say, this is how we should live.” They don’t work with the ego. These thoughts and emotions simply lodge in their hearts and minds and they carry them out.

Comment: Happy people….

Answer: The happiest object in the world is a stone; it doesn’t need anything; it just lies there on the road. After all, the one who “increases knowledge, increases sorrow” (Ecclesiastes 1:18).
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/27/15

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