Ninety-Nine Plus One

Dr.  Michael LaitmanThe things we see in this world, such as society, the environment, and humanity are all reflections of our infinite state in our so far egoistic screens. This is how we see the world of Infinity where we already exist.

If a person begins to connect to the goal of creation, wishing to attain the Creator and become like Him in qualities, he should join a society and use it for his advancement. My goal to attain the Creator, identify myself with Him, and unite determines my entire attitude toward society, my friends, and myself.

This pertains to the part of humanity that possesses the “point in the heart.” First of all, this point obligates one to attain the Creator, and he comes to the group for this purpose. Then, a person learns that in order to attain the Creator, he needs to connect because this is how we develop our desire to bestow. We will reveal the Creator through the desire to bestow, which we will attain by mutually developing one another.

However, there is that second part of humanity, the ninety-nine percent, in whom the point in the heart has not awakened, and they do not feel the need to attain the Creator. They do not strive toward Him. Life’s problems are the only thing that drives them, and these problems must correspond to our development. They are the consequence of the lack of connection between people.

They will feel the need to connect into a big and wide human society, not just a group. Their goal is to have a good corporeal life, attained through uniting a nation or all of humanity.

Of course, they do not need to go through the same stages we go through in the group. They only need to know the right way to connect into a homogeneous, unified society whose only purpose is to achieve stability, certainty, and corporeal fulfillment.

However, because these two groups exist in connection, one inside the other, the first group (that aspires toward the Creator and has united because of spiritual problems and needs, not because of problems of this corporeal life) radiates its values to the larger group, making it think that there are more worthy goals than just this life. There is more to gain.

Then the second group, the ninety-nine percent, suddenly begins to feel a higher goal and a need to attain it. Thus, it advances. In the end, these two groups begin to come closer to one another. Even though they had different goals, the second group, humanity, suddenly discovers an opportunity to attain an eternal, full, and perfect life that is even higher than the previous corporeal ideal. Then, they accept this new desire.

Thus ultimately, everyone will unite and return to a single system as it was in the beginning of creation.
From the  1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/2011, Writings of Rabash

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