All The Best Oil, For The Society

laitman_569_01The Torah, “Numbers,” 18:8 – 18:9: And the LORD spoke unto Aaron: “And I, behold, I have given thee the charge of My heave-offerings; even of all the hallowed things of the children of Israel unto thee have I given them for a consecrated portion, and to thy sons, as a due for ever.

This shall be thine of the most holy things, reserved from the fire: every offering of theirs, even every meal-offering of theirs, and every sin-offering of theirs, and every guilt-offering of theirs, which they may render unto Me, shall be most holy for thee and for thy sons.”

This speaks about a person’s internal spiritual work in which he is divided into the priest, a Levite, and Israel, which correlates with HBD, HGT, NHY inside the Partzuf (the internal structure of the soul). Accordingly, the society is also divided into three parts.

The Creator says to the Levites: “I distinguish you and you will live from what the other desires bring Me.”

The Torah, “Numbers,”18:10: In a most holy place shalt thou eat thereof; every male may eat thereof; it shall be holy unto thee.

Eating means to receive the Upper Light that fills everything around a person internally and a person has to receive it only in vessels of bestowal, which means to let it pass through him with the intention of in order to bestow. This is the reason he receives instructions as to what he can receive and what he cannot, in what way, to what extent, etc.

The Holy of Holies is the attribute of Bina that is included in Keter. Only a certain person, the great priest, can eat in this high attribute and only on a certain day called Yom Kippur. In other words, it is the highest point of contact of human society (the soul) with the Creator.

The Torah, “Numbers,”18:12: All the best of the oil, and all the best of the wine, and of the corn, the first part of them which they give unto the LORD, to thee have I given them.

All the best oil is the uppermost and the greatest Light, which in the ascent to the spiritual worlds; it becomes increasingly more difficult to receive because we receive it in the attribute of the one who bestows, in order to give to others, and not to receive anything for yourself.

The Holiness symbolizes bestowal, and Holy of Holies is to bestow in order to bestow, which is equal to receiving in order to bestow, which can only be on the level of the priests.

This is the reason that the Creator gives Aaron and his sons all the best oil, as they can process it and thus pass it through them to the whole society.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/3/15

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