The Romance Of The Spiritual Building

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we still have not yet reached the spiritual revelation, but are only studying, are we doing spiritual work, or not?

Answer: You are doing spiritual work because you want to attain spirituality, although you are still not in it. It is similar to a person who builds a house. It is possible to build it over 20 years, but you are occupied by building a house. You have a goal to achieve spirituality and you progress and approach it until you enter in it. Even if it would take 20 years; so what is the problem?

Question: What is more important: to study and prepare for the ascent towards the spirituality or to be in spirituality itself? Once you said that the Creator loves us more when we are only preparing ourselves and not that we are in spirituality itself?

Answer: Indeed, as long as you are preparing yourself, you are making efforts like a baby, like a little child that you doesn’t know yet towards what you are going. Precisely at the place of concealment you have more opportunities to activate and reveal your attitude towards the Creator, “the force of faith.” Like in our world we are most touched by and enjoy more from a small child.

In spirituality it is not like that, and yet there is charm of this naivety, from this loyal yearning as compliance between the root and the branch. The biggest reward comes and is revealed to a person as a result of his effort in the time of his period of concealment, in these 20 years.

We think that this preparation period is lost time and we would like to avoid it in order to enter the spirituality as fast as possible and to really start working in full understanding. But we do not understand that it’s precisely these years that are so valuable. And here is the problem, because only the one that truly has a real desire to stay remains, and the others disappear.

Question: What is a true desire?

Answer: A true desire is called a Reshimo that is intended for correction, depending on the root of the soul.

Question: But we all want to cross the Machsom?

Answer: Of course everyone wants this. But one comes to study twice a week, like you, and others are coming every day. There are those that are watching football in the evening, and there are other people that go out to disseminate.

Question: How can I cause this real desire that you are talking about to appear inside me?

Answer: With the help of the environment.

Question: But I’m already in such a wonderful environment! What else can I do with it?

Answer: You need to integrate with it so that you will become one whole without any differences. This is called being as one man in one heart. And here is all the difficulty. You promise yourself each time to do it, but when the opportunity arrives, you suddenly sneak away from it. But with it, if you simply stay and study, then time will do its work.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/5/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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