Professionalism In Spiritual Work

laitman_249-03Question: How does a person feel that he is performing a service for the Creator, that he is studying the interior of the Torah and is not found in external activities?

Answer: The difference between the exterior of the Torah and its interior is that a person tries to see the relationship between him and the Creator in everything that is happening to him.

The whole world, the friends, the inner feelings, all kinds of images, events, and situations, this is the only language that we speak with the Creator. If I begin to relate to reality like this, it is said that I have I have begun a dialogue with the Creator and I am found in inner work.

Every professional feels his work finely and minutely, which is not understood from the side. If you are installing an air conditioner in a building, the consumer wants it to work and cool the room, but you are thinking about a multitude of details and subtleties, deciding how best to do this. Everything depends upon the development of the senses, the sensitivity.

This is because with each piece of metal you have a connection with an internal sense and decide to do it this way or another. Everything passes through the language of the senses, just as a violinist feels every note that he plays. So every expert feels the material with which he is working, no matter how coarse it is.

In spiritual work, as well, a feeling is required that is attained by going deeper and deeper into it. We really begin to feel it on the physical level, in the body, in the heart. The substance of creation is a desire for pleasure that perceives everything in feeling. The mind only helps us to understand what we are feeling and arranges a comparison between phenomena comparing qualities, forms, and colors.

The mind works in a dual system like a computer, with zeroes and ones only: yes/no. So understanding comes only with experience. The main thing is to try to go deeper into sensations that are relevant to connection between the Creator and us, and not to let one’s mind wander to external things. Concentrate mainly on the center of the connection, the interior of the connection.

Nobody is as wise as the experienced. But if we work in a group, then we are integrated with each other, we are stimulated by others, by their words, by their questions, and we advance much faster.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/14, Writings of Rabash

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