Who Manages Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have had unusual moments in life that I don’t know how to explain. An example of this is when I have needed to make a “Yes-No” decision, and I felt, knew, or wanted to say, “No,” but I was terribly afraid of saying this.

And suddenly for a few moments, I saw my future if I were to say, “Yes,” and I saw and felt fear and an anxiety that was much stronger than the fear of saying “No,” so I said, “No.”

There were more situations in which I acted in an apparent split. Logic told me one thing, whereas the body did something else and said something else, something that I would never have said or done. All of these events changed my life drastically.

I suspect that this happens to all people, but they simply don’t pay attention to this. my question is: What is this? From where does this intervention come that seems external to me?

Answer: We are constantly under external influences, since there is simply nothing else. More precisely, this is internal influence. It builds in us a feeling of this world and of ourselves. The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals to us the possibilities of influencing this source of feeling about ourselves and our world and for us becoming the builders of the world and of everything that is felt in us, which is Olam Ein Sof.

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