Vague Shadows In The Dark

laitman_423_03Question: What does it mean to be in a continuous dialogue with the Creator?

Answer: A person must make continuous efforts to bring reality to its right form, instead of accepting it as he currently feels it.

Even when a person reaches certain spiritual levels, he still must try to see himself on an upper level and imagine what reality is like there.

In order to achieve this goal, he begins to arrange all the necessary components: himself, the group, the study, the teacher, and the Creator. There are three main components:

1. The person himself
2. Whatever is between him and the Creator, which is the entire world, including the group and the teacher, all the problems he encounters, and the support that he receives
3. The Creator

All the forms of concealment that now appear before me are like different images, vague shadows in the dark, but thanks to them I can discern that there is something here. Although I see them in their wrong, unnatural, misleading form, it is still some discernment. This means that being in a state of Lo Lishma (Not for Her Name) is already a preparation. Now, I ask that these forms should turn into real ones.

If it weren’t for these fictitious forms, I wouldn’t be able to make an effort and want them to turn into real ones. This means that I couldn’t see the real forms and wouldn’t discover the Creator because He is supposed to be revealed in the real forms. These are not His forms, but the forms through which He presents Himself to me. I cannot reveal Him, the actual source, and there must be some reference form in order to do that, YHVH.

This is the reason that I must start from the vessels that later turn into Hassadim. I must discover and study the evil forms of concealment and then discover how they turn into the good and right form that is the form of revelation. The opposite form is the revelation of the Creator.

Therefore, we don’t want the shadows to disappear from the world since without them we would have no contact with the Creator and would never be able to feel Him. This is the reason for the shattering: it is so that we will reassemble the forms of the shattering and discover all the breaches between us that are the main thing. We don’t study the entire vessel but how it is made of the different parts, which means that we study the cracks that allow us to hold onto the upper force.

We must see the Creator before us who speaks to us through all these vague forms of concealment. We must accept them as an invitation, as a call to turn to the Creator correctly and realize that when all these Dinim (Judgments) are sweetened and the negative forms turn into positive ones this is the form in which we discover the Creator.

All of our work is to use all these means—the teacher, the books, the study, dissemination—to help us want to change the forms of concealment that appear before us into the forms of revelation. However, I must identify with the attribute of bestowal, with the Creator, in the forms of revelation. The sweetening of the Dinim will occur to the extent that I wish to be part of the attribute of bestowal.
From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/17/14

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