Pressure Of Seven Billion

laitman_941Question: What is the role of the external part with regard to the internal part?

Answer: The external part is meant to put pressure on the internal part. This is actually what builds the mutual connection between Galgalta ve Eynaim and AHP.

Galgalta ve Eynaim are vessels of bestowal and they don’t want anything for themselves. They have no needs if it isn’t for bestowing unto someone below them. Their state with regard to the Creator is called Hafetz Hesed and they are incapable of more.

It says, “the fewest of all the nations.” What is more, this doesn’t refer to quantity, not to the 15 million representatives of the Israeli nation in the world, but to the fact that we don’t have a strong enough desire.

This is the reason that Israel are few and cannot advance. I simply don’t want to ascend; I don’t feel any need for that. Even if I do feel the need to do so, it is only when I have a reason to or someone to do it for, and if I have the means to do so. The Israeli nation cannot do anything by itself. This is the reason that the pressure of the nations of the world is necessary. Moreover, it has to be great, in the form of the pressure of seven billion on 15 million. We need this Aviut (thickness) of the desire because it will force us to raise the ultimate request, MAN, and to bring everyone to the end of correction.

We will not be able to overcome otherwise. We are unable to want more for ourselves and even the study doesn’t turn us into Galgalta ve Eynaim. We format the complete vessels of Galgalta ve Eynaim in order to help AHP, but if I don’t set it as a goal from the beginning, I will not even be given the state of Hafetz Hesed.

Hafetz Hesed means that I am between the vessels of receiving and the vessels of bestowal and that I want to bestow and to help and am ready to burst from the bestowal that fills me like a cow that bursts with milk and has no one to give it to…

This is the reason that Galgalta ve Eynaim doesn’t grow without AHP. Therefore, the wide dissemination we do, during which we meet the desires of the AHP, and it makes no difference which desires, will push us to connect and to unite. We already know that from our earlier experience.

Nothing is more helpful than troubles, but instead of waiting for real troubles, we absorb the troubles and problems of others.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/28/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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