In The Name Of “Love” For Jews

laitman_433_02In the news ( “Within a single day the Hamas organization was removed from the list of terrorist organizations and the European parliament adopted a declaration in support of a Palestinian state. By blaming Israel, the people of Europe are released from feelings of guilt about genocide. Such is the process of ‘purification.’

“If the nation of Israel is implementing ‘Nazi’ activities regarding the Palestinians, then the German and European crimes are no longer so monstrous. Two types of service for the price of one: ‘Purification’ from guilt and old anti-Semitism.

“Simultaneously the weight of a group possessing several million Muslim immigrants has grown in Europe, having become an electoral resource for local politicians. They dictate anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli politics to the parties of the Left, who are interested in their voices.

“And the Leftist Israeli politicians, who are suffering from an exile complex, take upon themselves the guilt that is imposed by the European anti-Semites, and that is how they justify European evil, by creating an alibi for it.”

My Comment: And yet, the Jews are guilty! Because everything that is happening in the world depends only on them! This is because only they have the freedom of choice to change the direction of human development. The Jews must understand and evaluate correctly what is happening; they are still able to change the development of the world from a direction that leads to world war to a direction that leads to a world that is good for everyone.

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