Breathing Life Into Empty Words

laitman_567_04Question: Should we be afraid of demanding Light so we won’t use it for personal enjoyment and ask for darkness instead?

Answer: We are advancing towards a state where what now seems to us as darkness will become Light and we will want to adhere to this Light that we feel as darkness at the moment.

Comment: But this act is very difficult, exhausting, and leads to a feeling of powerlessness!

Answer: If you don’t nullify yourself, it really does seem like very difficult work.

Question: I am trying to nullify myself with all my might! What else must I do?

Answer: I can give you an example. Many years ago I was in a very severe accident. After it I suffered serious breathing difficulties due to the accumulation of blood in my lungs. I was not able to even take a few steps; I couldn’t get enough air and immediately began to breathe heavily. And when they finally told me that they were ready to operate on me, I ran into the operating room by myself without waiting for them to move me there and I lay down on the operating table, just so they would begin to operate on me as soon as possible.

Such a situation showed that I was ready to give myself over to the influence of the Upper Light. Understandably, this is an example of physical behavior for egoistic reasons, the desire to live and enjoy life. But we must nullify ourselves in regard to spiritual correction in the same way.

Question: It seems to me that the only place from which it is possible to get oxygen is the group. What can you do when you are separated from it and you lack air?

Answer: Oxygen is not just found in the group, rather, it is because of the presence of the Creator within it. It is necessary to grasp this very clearly; otherwise, we lose our direction.

In the meantime it is very difficult for us to hold onto the thought that our ultimate goal is to give contentment to the Creator. This is like a small child who is taught that it is necessary to obey his mother, to love her. And he obeys! He has no questions: Whether he loves his mother or not, he sticks to her naturally like every child does to his mother because of a simple egoistic animal instinct.

But when we grow up, we move away from our mother, and only after that, at a mature age we begin to understand and appreciate how much our parents did for us. We are ready to comprehend this. What this means is that a particular period of time must go by for a person to begin to get a taste for the words “giving contentment to the Creator.”

This period of development happens thanks to the Light, just as everything in our lives changes only due to the influence of the Light. It seems to us that years go by, we mature, and age does its work, but that is not so. We don’t understand that, in fact, there are no years at all, there is only the influence of the Light that causes us to feel the flow of time and change.

So now when we are talking about the necessity of being concerned about the Creator, it sounds to us like convincing a little child that he must love his mother. You simply have to make it possible for the Light to influence you more and more; try to increase its influence and raise your sensitivity to it through work in a group and dissemination.

And then you will see how a particular type of attitude will awaken in you towards words that were previously empty: “contentment to the Creator.” Who is this Creator? Where is He? And suddenly you begin to feel Him closer and closer to you. You don’t feel Him, but when they mention Him, particular feelings and a particular attitude are awakened in you. This sensation continues to expand; it touches your heart and moves you.

This sensation begins to grow: At one point, the mention of the Creator will evoke different sensations and emotions. This point expands, and within it appear different forms of relationships. That is how a new Kli, a new sense, is built in you.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/14

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