A Name That Forces The Heart To Contract

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is a “drop of unification” a state that exists on every level?

Answer: There is nothing but a “drop of unification,” the point of contact, and a person provides everything else. The Light has no measure and all the measurements are done by the vessel.

A drop of unification that comes to us from the Creator or a sea of unification is the same thing if it refers to something that comes from Above. All the measurements, the limitations, and the expansions always depend only on the one who receives. A drop of unification is renewed on every level, of course, but all the changes with regard to that drop of unification are in the vessel itself.

Question: What characterizes the first contact with the Upper?

Answer: You begin to care about hearing the word “Creator,” as if you hear the name of your little daughter, and you immediately respond and are filled with a warm feeling. This is exactly how you perceive the word “Creator.”

Before, you heard “Creator” and felt nothing, and didn’t link it to any image. Now it summons a response in you, like a name of a dear one. This response already signifies contact, some connection with your desire. You have filled your measure in doing a certain work, and then the Light already touches the flesh.

Only persistence and constant efforts will help you here. First you have to develop such sensitivity towards the friends in you . But your attitude to the friends is more general, and it only softens your heart. Your heart is a heart of stone and you begin to melt and to soften it with the help of the society. Then a new feeling towards the Creator is born inside your soft heart. The society only melts your heart and changes it from a heart of stone or wood into a soft and flexible heart, like rubber.

The heart already begins to beat: It expands and contracts and in between the contractions and the expansion there is a point where you begin to feel the Creator and that you belong to Him. You already feel that the Creator is not a stranger but that there is a point for Him in your heart, just like there is for the name of your beloved daughter.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/14

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