Alone Among Wandering Angels

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I always magnify and elevate the friend. For me he is a means and a help for acquiring life in spirituality. So how can I be envious of him?

Answer: We always see others through the prism of our ego. And so it seems to me that everyone is worse than I am. And if someone is better, here I begin to feel bad and need to balance this somehow, otherwise I will suffer.

In fact, only I exist. All the others are my negative characteristics that are wandering around me. If I were corrected I would not see them, instead I would see the parts of my soul that are connected together with me into one unified whole, I would see the Light. That is how I see all kinds of people. They are all my internal characteristics.

How must I relate to them? As if they are angels.

Question: But that envy that should exist isn’t in me. Am I envious of anyone? I see that everyone is as miserable as I am.

Answer: This is because you see the friends through your ego. In fact they are all perfect! For the Creator created such a perception of the environment for your sake. If you correct yourself, then you will see everyone as perfect! Nobody needs to be corrected, only you.

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