Changing Myself And Not The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Must we agree internally with all the disturbances that come from the external world?

Answer: In general, the first reaction of a person to what is happening in the world is a desire to change everything, to organize the world anew, to change the borders, to make the economy healthy. This is the natural reaction of our ego, meaning ourselves, which is discovered until we suddenly begin to understand that all of this is nonsense!

Where have you seen that a change from one system to another has helped to improve the situation? On the contrary, in the end, it will get worse. At first it seems to us that everything is going well, that apparently we have achieved something and that everything is okay. But as time passes, it turns out that it will be much worse than what had been before. And this is natural because we are not advancing towards correction.

Now what is left for us is only to recognize our uncorrected relationship to the world.

Everything that happens in the world can be corrected only through our approaching the Creator, because everything is derived from Him in order to push us to become closer to Him. We are constantly moving away from the Creator. If we understood that it is necessary to yearn for Him, then we would truly begin to approach something good. But in the end, He pushes us further and further away so that we will reach a full recognition of our ego.

When we begin to correct ourselves somewhat, we advance into our ego like the right and left lines, and we already understand further how to act. A method of how to work with the crisis appears within us and we correct it, that is how through it we approach the Creator. Through this we correct ourselves; we remove and clear away the crisis without touching the economy, education, information, technology, or anything else. This is all nonsense because change and new organization in all of these areas will not ensure anything good in any case.

But the more tightly we approach the Creator, the further He keeps us away from Him, and through this the evil is discovered, and in this way we quickly move all of the evil towards the good. Therefore it is not necessary to aspire to change the world, society, and all areas of life.

All we need to do is to change the person as a foundation for changing the world. This is specifically what we need to learn by ourselves, to explain to humanity, and to teach others.

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