Qualitative Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I don’t agree with the Creator, then in order to rise above my disagreement I need to overcome it with a great deal of work. What is this work?

Answer: Certainly you don’t agree with Him! After all, new egoistic desires appear in you, a bit greater than before, on a new level and in different styles!

But sometimes it seems to you that you are not such a great egoist, because from the start another characteristic is beginning to be created in you that seems small to you in the beginning. Suppose that you finished growth at the height of some cockroach and you have already become a chick, but you were a big cockroach there, and now you are a little chick. So you grow up turning from an ugly duckling into a white swan, but in spite of it all, you understand that you are sitting in cold water. And after that you become small again, but a fawn. And so on.

In other words, from growth on a previous level, you become small in the next level, meaning that it is a small state in development but it is greater in quality. But you don’t feel this yet and therefore sometimes it seems to you that you are in a descent in comparison to the previous level when you were a big spider and successfully trapped and ate all kinds of flies, and now you are a little snail.

I am saying this seriously! It seems to us that we have descended, but in fact we simply rise in quality. This is because we are consecutively passing through the developmental stages, embryo (Ibur), breastfeeding (Yenika), small (Katnut), and large (Mochin). So there are no descents, only constant changes. And that is how it is with all of humanity.

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