Who Can Pass Through The Clouds Of Glory?

laitman_749_02The clouds of honor are the general Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) that sustains the whole nation on a certain level of bestowal and love, mutual connection, and holiness.

It is only natural that the part of the nation called Erev Rav (mixed multitude) would be kept external to it since they yearned to serve around and inside the Tabernacle, but only for their own sake and so they continuously grabbed from the spiritual source for themselves.

Until this very day this part of the nation has the same attributes and their whole life is based on small spiritual thefts. This is the reason that they cannot pass through the clouds of glory that keep them away since the clouds are the attribute of bestowal, self-sacrifice, and love for others. When the Erev Rav see that they need to work for others they are instantly repulsed by that and don’t want to get inside. So this is the protective Masach (screen).

A person doesn’t need to protect anything. He simply knows that if he enters through that door he will automatically have to think only about others and not about himself, not about his family or anything else! Does he agree to totally change his internal intention?

When a person gets closer to the spiritual work he sees that it is even scarier than being burned by fire because jumping into a fire means death. He feels that working for others every moment of his life is worse than death and he is repulsed by it. Only the Light can come, correct, and change a person’s intention.

Question: Is the role of the nation of Israel to get closer to the clouds of glory and enter inside?

Answer: No, at the moment we are not in the camp; we have to create it. Our role is to get closer to one another. Of course, we can say that this road is always open to everyone. But there are certain laws in our nation that we will reach it sooner than others, although the road is open for everyone and there are no obstacles except our inner problems.

The same people who agree to fulfill the Creator’s desire but only for their own sake so that they will feel good in this world and in the next world are called Erev Rav and they will not be able to reach the new state. They will be the last to reach it only after the whole nation acquires the attribute of love and bestowal, the attribute of unity and mutual guarantee. This will affect them and they will be corrected under the influence of the Surrounding Light.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/24/14

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  1. P.S. Actually I would like to thank you all because just reading your material and listening, has helped me pay attention, and has changed my perspective on everything that happens around me. Even if difficult, it goes from blaming circumstance..to asking why this particular circumstance? It is strangely helpful. Of course actually progressing beyond the general observation to a concrete conclusion and action, is a totally different matter.

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