Brothers With Skin Of A Different Color

laitman_947Question: How could it have been that precisely in Israel, which was to become a home for all the Jews of the world, that such a despicable attitude has emerged about the Ethiopian emigrants only because of the black color of their skin? What must be done to become a united people?

Answer: Israel is divided today into factions that oppose each other: The left and the right, Ashkenazi and Sephardic, Ethiopians and Russians, and more and more. A small people, constantly forced to defend itself against external enemies surrounding it from all sides cannot even establish peace for itself.

We cannot succeed in attaining unity if we don’t call for help from the force that can unite us. Each successive government has committed to strengthen the unity of the people and establish peace and consent in our society. However, it is not in the power of anyone to keep his promise, and this is not at all the role of the government.

For unity, we need to know how to awaken the unique force, the Light that Reforms, so that it will correct the relationships between us, the evil in us. Only then can we connect and become one united people. But if we don’t do this, we can expect very difficult times ahead.

So, we are conducting discussion-circles throughout the country: in recreational areas, in promenades, and in parks. During the process of such discussions, a feeling of special unity appears. That is how we show an example of how to awaken the higher power that is concealed in nature and oblige it to influence us.

Already in the first circle, people gathered who met by chance, and relationships appeared among them where they began to rise above their problems and integrate together in a common unified field. Totally different people can sit in a circle: Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Ethiopians, Arabs, and foreign tourists. It doesn’t matter. This method works and influences everyone.

The entire world is in terrible need of unity, for without it, everything falls apart. So throughout the world, anti-Semitism is growing, and the nations of the world blame the Jews for harming the world. This will continue to grow from day to day. Actually we are not the cause of evil, but the blame is ours because we are not bringing the good force to the world which will balance all of the evil.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/3/15

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