A “Tearful” Holiday

Laitman_200_04Victory over the fascists was a great victory in a great war that many nations were dragged into. It must be said that, for the Jews, the day of victory is a special date because on that date a period of annihilation, torture, and oppression of our people ended.

With victory in the Second World War, a new stage of changes in the world opened in which the victorious nations annexed areas for themselves in accordance with the laws of our world.

At the same time, a special event occurred. Everyone understood that it was also necessary to note the Jewish people as the ones most harmed by genocide. This was used as a reason for the creation of the state of Israel. Certainly, further internal conditions that were created here contributed: political systems that were prepared from the start, massive immigration of Jews, war over territory, and so forth.

Through a United Nations (at that time League of Nations) resolution, the State of Israel was established as a result of the recognition of the suffering of the Jewish people by the world. So the holiday of May 9th is a kind of prelude to the birth of the state of Israel.

We must pay due respect to Russia, which helped save part of the Jewish people, for, in spite of the appearance of anti-Semitism in it before the war, during the war and after it ended, this was the place to which a large number of Jews fled from fascism and western Europe.

Today many perceive the date May 9th as a political holiday. However, if we move ourselves away from politics, it is worthwhile to recognize that this is truly a unique holiday. We hope that we will remember this date only as the end of a terrible war and that we will try to make sure that this will not be repeated. It is in our power.

What I mean is that it is specifically the power of the Jewish people and the power of the Russian speakers in Israel. If we succeed in understanding how to act among us, without connection to external forces, nations and governments, then we will neutralize all the terrible forces in the world. We won’t require arms if we arrange for the right communications with each other and come closer between us. Then, all of the peoples and nations will relate to us favorably.

We must attain unity, and then we will bring peace to all of humanity.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About May 9th Holiday” 5/6/15

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