What Is Hatred?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (psychologies.ru): “Hatred, unlike fear and happiness, doesn’t belong to elementary human emotions and is itself a symbiosis of several simultaneous emotions. The foundation of hatred is disgust, one of the primary emotions.

“Disgust, revulsion, is an emotion with a significant physiological cause and purpose to protect a person from the influence of a harmful object (toxic) on him. This is the reason that vomiting and nausea accompany the perception by the person of something disgusting, revolting.

“The main function of disgust is to bring the maximal contact with the unpleasant or dangerous object to zero. When we experience disgust or revulsion, we run away or become petrified. Fear attracts our attention, whereas disgust, on the contrary, rejects. The disappearance of an object that arouses disgust or revulsion relaxes us.

“Psychological or ethical disgust awakens in us values or behaviors that are unacceptable to our education. Together with this, the natural counter reaction is identical to physiological disgust.

“It is worthwhile to add several additional components to disgust, by which we get hatred. Most of the time, hatred is a product of the mixture of disgust, revulsion, fear, insult and the inability to move away from the object that arouses the emotion.

“If there is no possibility of moving away, this means that it is necessary to annihilate the object. This feeling presents the option sharply and unambiguously: It’s either me or him. Disgust, unlike hatred, presents the option in another manner: Get out of my sight.

“How is it possible to create hatred? The answer is simple. Supply people or a group with disgusting or revolting features, add fear, invoke old insults and suppress the ability to see the good. The more limited the worldview, the easier it is to arouse hatred and there are more reasons for its manifestation. When hatred develops, it limits the perception of the world and fixes the attention only on the object that arouses disgust.

“It is not possible to stop hatred through hatred. Only love, which is the opposite characteristic, acts as a neutralizing force. Releasing oneself from the shackles of hatred is possible when you focus on what you are doing with yourself. This will help in turning away from hatred.”

My Comment: The wisdom of Kabbalah instructs us not to listen to ourselves, but to engage in connection with others. In this way we remove all characteristics other than love!

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