How To Win A Man’s Heart

Laitman_201_01Question: I would like to ask about how to win a man’s heart, how can I buy his heart?

Answer: A woman begins by letting a man understand that she loves him, admires him for being great, clever, and a hero. She encourages him like a small child.

A child and a grown man are exactly the same when it comes to this. They should constantly be given the feeling that they are strong, great, and clever. The only one in the world!

Thus, a woman ties him to her, like a puppy with a leash. He will follow her wherever she goes because he needs her admiration like a breath of air. This is how you tie a man.

In addition, she begins to gradually tame him, by teaching and showing him in different ways what she likes and what she doesn’t. He is constantly interested in getting a confirmation that she encourages, loves, and appreciates him. So he should understand that he will receive all that only if he treats her the way she likes; I am revealing all the secrets to you now…

A woman begins to convey to a man her impressions of him based on the way he behaves towards her. Thus, she teaches him how to treat her by showing him what pleases her, which in return invokes actions on her part that will be pleasant for him.

Question: How can I make him feel great and at the same time not annul myself? How can I make him feel that he is the king as long as I am the queen?

Answer: This is too difficult and too obliging. A man doesn’t want a queen by his side. She needs to appreciate him without any preconditions, like a mother treats her son. A mother always loves and appreciates her son regardless of how he behaves.

If a woman tells a man that he is great, he is really great and not on condition that she is great. If he is clever, it isn’t because she is clever. Her appreciation of him has to be independent, but no one will tell him the words that she tells him and so he will be tied to her.

Then she begins to set conditions. If he does something wrong she already shows her dissatisfaction and her face saddens. He is very sensitive to her mood since he wants to see her appreciation each time and to feel that he is a man, macho, and if not strong then clever and if not clever then a hero.

If she shows him that he saddens her by his attitude and therefore she cannot appreciate him and expresses her impression like he is used to, he will begin to look for a way to win her admiration in order to keep on receiving her continuous praise.

A man needs compliments more than a woman does. This is how you get him used to the right and good attitude. Then he really gets used to it and treats the woman the way she wants and according to what she likes—proper treatment, respect, and appreciation. He doesn’t actually appreciate her but her attitude towards him. This is how we buy each other’s heart and that’s the only thing we need.

So we don’t need anything special in advance for love to flourish in a family. We simply need to feel good being with one another, to see one another, to touch, to eat the food that the other has prepared, to court one another. Everything else is established as a result of a game.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/9/13

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