Pesach And The Night Of The Exodus

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe beginning of this post is in: Passover Is A Reminder Of The Future

The maturation of the attribute of Moses in a person and in the nation leads us to a direct confrontation with Pharaoh. The Torah describes these states as the ten plagues of Egypt, the ten plagues of the ego, with the demand: “Let my people go.” They develop on the background of powerlessness and, at the same time, a desperate need to break free.

The Haggadah tells us about this internal night: “How is this night different from all the other nights?” In Egypt we had to exit the quagmire of self-love and we turn and move quickly upward without any power to unite as yet but with the power to escape.

Everyone tries to escape the persecutions, the internal disputes and conflicts. Thus we find ourselves further away from Egypt until we reach Mt. Sinai where we can complete what we have started.

This is how Pharaoh, the ego, pushes us to a new level of love. Eventually, all of humanity will have to rise to this level, but we are the first to do so. It is the lab of the Jewish nation, an essential phase in its formation.

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