Time Disappears When We Are Dependent On Others

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur future form of development is how to connect the whole of nature in the integral form. Inanimate objects, plants, and animals are in deep natural connection between them. And humans, because of their selfishness, have risen above the animal level.

It is the ego, the desire to enjoy, that gives us a sense of the passing of all kinds and sorts of creatures that have appeared before us here to the edge of the universe, and all the details of reality on our planet.

We need to use this sense of others in order to come to correct relationships and to return to the system of one, where we all are connected to each other in mutual dependence. Our generation is developing towards this goal, in that one finds himself locked within a closed system and is completely and mutually dependent.

Life and natural development demand from us to complete these connections between us. The inanimate, vegetative, and animate natures are closed naturally within one network, all of ecology, all of nature. And it is as if man is the exception, the irregularity, in that he tries to act in such a way that there are no limits for him and he doesn’t need to be included in that general integral system where everything is connected.

Man needs to see the globalization of nature and examine his desire to receive that rejects all these laws.

Today it turns out that I am dependent on the whole world from the viewpoint of technology, industry, supply, oil, gas, air, and just about anything that you can point to. Consequently, if I want to attain a life that is peaceful and good and to enjoy each moment, then I need make good connections with all the surroundings.

Question: Isn’t that bad if you want to find pleasure in each moment?

Answer: It is not the pleasure itself that is bad but how I use it for that one short moment. Now it is possible to grasp it, so I grab it. It’s possible to steal, I steal, to cheat, I cheat. It’s possible not to think of anyone else, besides myself. So that’s how I think. I take advantage of my ego in a very limited way in my relations to others, which eventually comes back to me since the world is round.

We are not able to do good for ourselves if we don’t do good for others, because we are within an integral system, analog, where everyone is dependent on everyone. You need to understand that in the meantime, in a simple egoistic way, when we do good to others, we do good for ourselves.

When I sign an agreement with everyone regarding mutual friendship and even love, by that I promise myself pleasure from that moment until the end of life. If I am included in others and they are included in me and we become one desire, one thought, in one mutual act, in which everyone is dependent on everyone, then the concept of time disappears.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/17/14

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