Connecting With Others For Correction Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: With whom can our movement work in partnership and under what conditions?

Answer: We are ready to connect with everyone who wants connection for the sake of correction of the world. Suppose that tomorrow Abu Mazen were to come and offer to work in partnership for the correction of the world. We would shake hands and begin to work together. The moment that some egoistic calculations are inserted into this covenant, we would immediately stop this shared activity.

The absence of egoistic considerations and a yearning to correct the world is the necessary condition. For correction it is necessary to attract the Light that reforms, because only this can help. If he is ready for this, then I am ready to unite with him. This is even though, in the meantime, it seems he is not ready.

We must take into account that it is possible to take a bit of the whole wide spectrum of different factions, political forces, nations, and governments for a short time with the goal of moving forward. This is because each one has some unique problem, and so they can unite with us and support us.

Last year we found ourselves in a dramatic situation regarding the kidnapping of three youths. The people felt terrible pressure and tension because we wanted to find and return the boys. So, with this event, we had the possibility of working with many organizations in Israel to connect the people.

In any case, it is clear to everyone that connection makes us stronger. We get more if we connect through prayer, a shared desire and action. So people went out to marches and gatherings.Thousands of people went out to the streets with placards demanding the release of the hostages. That is how it was all over the world.

Why did the desire to gather appear within them all of a sudden? Subconsciously, they felt that there was some kind of corrective force in this, some kind of new spirit that would appear in the people, along with the concept of a new state.

Even animals instinctively converge during a moment of danger. Sheep gather together into one flock and huddle together when they are concerned about an attack by wolves. If a forest fire breaks out, all of the animals flee from it together without fear of each other. This is because the general crisis connects them, and not one looks at the other in order to devour him. They all flee, meaning that they gather together in one common movement.

This inclination to connect at a time of trouble also exists instinctively among people. We need this spirit of connection, even if it is not an army marching and playing songs that is about to attack as one person. Even though we are not going out to attack, in spite of it, we feel that in this manner we are stabilizing a force through which we can correct ta situation.

So I think that we need to share this inclination that is felt among the people and unite together with them in actions such as these. In addition to this, we must organize discussion circles in parks, courtyards, and in homes.

The people who are now found in such a unique situation are ready to participate in discussions like these. It is necessary to discuss why this happened to us and how we can guarantee that this will never happen again, but only for the purpose of advancing towards the betterment of a situation and good relationships with others.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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