If You Merit, Your Work Will Be Done By Others

laitman_215Rabash, “If He Merits, His Work Will Be Done by Others”: If he merits, his work will be done by others. But if he doesn’t merit, his work will be done by himself.

And what is to be understood is what the importance is of the “merit” that his work comes through others. If so, then this is the phase of the “bread of shame” after all; so of what benefit is this?

And it is to be explained that “others” are called the Achoraim (backside) phase. That there are vessels of Panim  (face), which are called vessels of bestowal, and vessels of Achoraim, which are called vessels of reception. And because of this, before a person is made whole, when he still hasn’t reached the level of “merit,” his work, which is the sacred work, is through the vessels of Panim, which are the vessels of bestowal; with them he can work on the sacred work.

Which is not so when he has merit. Then, his work, which is the sacred work, is done by others, meaning in the vessels of Achoraim, which are the vessels of reception. He can use them for the sake of heaven.

Vessels of the face are called Israel (straight to the Creator), for there are sparks that yearn for the goal of creation in them, even if in the meantime this is for the sake of reception. Their yearning is weak because they do not have great force of desire (Aviut).

And so if they are ready to activate the Achoraim, then they get energy from there to advance towards the goal of creation, to connection, to adhesion. There is an immense power in the vessels of Achoraim, yet it has no direction. This means that they are not directed towards the goal of creation, yet they have lots of energy. And if the vessels of Panim are ready to see that the vessels of Achoraim are theirs, then they join them to themselves and see part of themselves in them.

And that is how they get energy from the Achoraim, and give the right direction to the whole of the complete vessel that is already made up of the desires of Galgalta ve Eynaim and AHP.

And so the right stage follows: The direction comes from the vessels of Galgalta ve Eynaim, the vessels of Israel, and the energy for movement towards the goal of creation comes from the vessels of Achoraim, AHP, directed by Israel. So they reach the goal of creation together.

This is called, “Their work is done by others,” for they get the “work,” the energy for advancement itself, from the vessels of Achoraim. But this is on condition that they see the vessels of Achoraim as an inseparable part of themselves, as a single system.

And if not, then they need to advance through the energy that is in them, in the vessels of Panim. And since this is a weak energy, they are certainly not ready to advance quickly until they finally turn to the vessels of Achoraim.

So they need to sense the time and place where it will be possible to turn to the vessels of Achoraim to connect them to Israel and advance together. They need to acquire experience and build some kind of method to approach them. As it is written: “Train a child according to his way ” (Proverbs 22:6). This means that it is necessary to search for some form to approach people and connect them with us.

To the degree that Israel invests energy in the vessels of Achoraim, to the degree that they feel that everything is part of a single vessel, to this degree they can advance quickly. The feeling of movement comes in the vessels of Panim, but the clarification of the advancement comes specifically with the merit that the vessels of Achoraim is included in them.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/5/14

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