A Zone That Is Protected From The Ego

laitman_933Question: It says that “the desire is in the hearts of the children of Israel at any moment, and if they had really asked, they would have been rewarded with the presence of Divinity.” What does it mean, “If they had really asked”?

Answer: A strong desire means that we only want a certain thing and nothing else: only to be incorporated in one another and in everyone so that there will be no room for anyone in the connection among us, and actually a spiritual vacuum is formed. We have a great passion that only the Creator will be able to appear in that empty space.

Such a place is revealed among us, which doesn’t belong to any of us and at the same time belongs to everyone. There is nothing of our ego there. We discover an upper dimension in the connection between us.

A Zone That Is Protected From The Ego
Our ego is on the outside and we gather inside so that in the center there is an empty space that didn’t exist before. There is no such thing as an empty space, but here it is created and we feel that there is nothing there, not even the Creator.

We have created such an area by throwing our ego aside, and our passion to be incorporated in one another are connected in a pure intention, in our reluctance to regard the ego. Therefore, this place becomes empty and already belongs to another dimension.

The space in which we are belongs to the animate level and the empty zone is the place for the formation of man. This is where the Creator is revealed: the first ten Sefirot, which are us, the ones who are included on this connection.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/14, Shamati #66

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