How Do We Deal With Anxiety And Worries?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Let’s imagine that ten people from all walks of life are with us in the studio. They are men and women who want to deal with their anxieties and worries. How is it possible to help them to find a point of balance and not to be insensitive like a stone, but also not to inflate all kinds of small things to extremes?

Answer: It is important to consider every person as a small individual system that must be in balance with the general system within which that individual exists.

As far as it seems, each one of the ten members of the group feels a need to change his life. First of all, this group of people must imagine a wonderful future. Play at having an orderly and relaxed life in which everything around you radiates hope, confidence, and warmth. If everyone is under the influence of his small environment, then according to this, everyone will begin to relate to life differently.

Question: How can I be impressed by the environment?

Answer: Within it I must feel myself as being someone small among the great, just as a child feels with his parents. First of all, I must respect this environment, thinking of it as important and great, and learning from it.

Secondly, I must feel myself as great and influential towards these people. I begin to play at being calm and confident even if in life I am far from being like that. In any case I am part of a game and I say, “Friends, everything is okay. Let’s look at the situation from the other side.”

Together with this, we shouldn’t say that such behavior is not serious. We simply neutralize our reactions that are based upon external factors that someone deliberately inflates because he wants to sell us something or just attract our attention. If everyone present here will maintain the rules of the game, then suddenly everyone will feel that wherever he is, people are attracted to him like a magnet because he radiates confidence about tomorrow.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/21/12

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