We Are Already In Contact With The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I don’t know how I will hold on for the three hours of the lesson because I feel tired, heavy, and lack energy; my body feels as if it is full of lead. Is there some kind of quick solution to overcome the heaviness of heart?

Answer: It is known that the whole reason for heaviness in the work is that a person doesn’t feel the Creator. So it is simply necessary for me to be conscious all the time and to try and remember that the Creator portrays all the feelings of my reality: everything I see, hear and perceive through my five senses, including my perception of myself and the world. I get everything from Him.

It is the Creator who is making this feeling of heaviness for me, since everything that I feel comes from Him. If I don’t forget this, then I will be looking for how to deal with the state that I receive from the Creator. The main thing is not to forget that in each and every moment, through feeling myself and the surrounding world, I have contact with the Creator.

I have contact with the Creator now! And so I must constantly think, “How is He bestowing to me and how am I bestowing to Him? How do I obtain equivalence with Him, His revelation, and pass from this feeling of concealment that doesn’t let me clearly feel that we are connected together and adherent to each other?”

Even before my characteristics begin to reach equivalence of form with the Creator, by feeling this world (Olam), which symbolizes hiding (Alama), or concealment; meaning when I am feeling my body and the environment, I am constantly in connection with the Creator. We must try to be in such a sensation that passes through the skin, through the body, the emotion and intellect, the thoughts, and everything there is. All that I feel reaches me from the Creator, as well as the thoughts and desires that are changing within me.

This is because I never lose contact with the Creator. Then, I will be able to look for how it is possible to be connected even more strongly with Him and how to establish reciprocal connection, love, and mutual bestowal.
From the Preparation to Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/7/14

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