The Invigorating Power Of The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom At the End of Days. Jewish Predictions of Humanity’s Future, Chapter 1, “Signs Indicating Imminent Deliverance”: Messiah will not come until the strength of Israel expires.

In spiritual work, one has to be completely disillusioned about their ability to act independently and to determine things and events. Everything happens only with the help of the upper force.

Everyone will have to sense and realize that we don’t have anything to do with the action of correction. Even though we may plan for certain actions, we are not involved with them because we are influenced by the upper force that descends and corrects us.

We contribute our efforts only to realize that this process is way beyond us. The force that descends to us from the next level has nothing to do with us.  The sensation that it is impossible to act on our own, is in fact, a reward for our exertions.

Our full awareness that it is the upper force that has complete impact upon us is the basic condition of being under its influence. Its power is ultimately important since it speaks of a new stage, the next level.

Comment: It is a very cruel and painful condition.

Answer: On the contrary, it is very joyous since we feel it as deliverance. We get rid of the responsibility to plan and calculate events that take place in our lives.

Question: Am I freed of worries about myself?

Answer: No, you stop worrying about yourself long before you attain this state. You simply feel a desire that is absolutely incapable to act on its own as if it’s inanimate, dead matter.

Only with regard to the next state, which you define as spiritually dead, are you able to turn into clay in the sculptor’s hands. Only the Creator can transition us to the next step and give us water that brings life. The land (desire) is dead without water (the Light of Hassadim). When it happens, you’ll be revived and will transition to the next step.
From KabTV’s “Will the Messiah Come?” 11/14/14

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