The Common Game Against Each One’s Private Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Children in the Diaspora usually go to Jewish schools called Hebrew school. These are special schools that are open on Sunday, where children learn Hebrew, Jewish history, and Jewish customs. Let’s try to imagine a school where unity is taught. What should it look like? What will happen there?

Answer: People learn there by connection, by playing connection games and by having discussions in circles. Of course, children also engage in physical activities like games with balls, etc., but they don’t play against each other, only together.

We must develop games that are not based on competition between individuals and between teams. Instead, a person has to compete against himself in order to properly be incorporated within the common activity and to see himself as his own competitor.

This doesn’t apply only to children, because the parents also have a problem. They must be taught the principles of family life and how to impart to their children a general, integral attitude towards that world.

The relevant issues should be discussed in circles where everyone connects and then the discussion should be continued and expanded at home.

Question: Is this what will make a child Jewish?

Answer: Of course, since a Jew is someone who yearns for unity and connection with everyone. A Jew is someone who knows that his role in life is to be a Light unto the nations and to bring correction to the world through connection. This is especially true in our times, in the time of the global crisis when there is no other remedy but the connection between all the parts of reality, in perfect harmony, in one circle.

Generally speaking, it isn’t about a Jewish school, but about a social community school where the whole family comes to practice connection. When they perform these exercises, they feel that suddenly a certain power surrounds them and changes their perception of reality so that the world seems different.

Connections and relationships begin to change internally under the effect of the force of the unity that is invoked by the Light, and it raises people to a new level of understanding. They begin to see the world as they have never seen it before, as if they wearing glasses that brings into focus the fogginess and blurriness of their nearsightedness, and they become as one connected picture, stretches into the distance.

This is exactly the feeling that both children and adults will feel, starting from their very first workshop.

Question: Will this connection help overcome the gaps between them?

Answer: The connection will not only help, but will also solve all problems. The connection gives us power, not in order to overcome hardships and to win, since when we are united, there is no one to defeat. The unity between us does all the work and drives away all our enemies, all the interferences, illnesses, and problems, everything that comes from self love.

At the same time, there is no need to give up our opinions and our beliefs, but only to add our exertion in order to connect with the whole nation, with all of Israel; that’s all.

This is what the Torah and current research of connection the wisdom of the crowd tell us. The Israeli nation must be the first to connect. Otherwise the force of connection will not be able to go through it to the nations of the world.

Question: Why is it the Israeli nation that has to pave this path?

Answer: Not everyone agrees that we are special, but history proves it is so. We are special because the whole world depends on us. Although this connection is invisible for the time being, the nations of the world do feel it. There are those who believe that their lives would be much better without us, but there are others who know that we need to change and that this change will be for the benefit of the world.
From KabTV’s “Anti-Semitism” 6/18/14

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