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laitman_534Question: If the group is feeling darkness, is it right to use the ego, meaning envy, lust, and honor with respect to unity and connection?

Answer: On every level darkness is called something completely different. Darkness can be a lack of getting something, and it could be a lack of ability to act, that I am powerless, or it could be the opposite: I am grateful for this darkness since I can act with “faith above reason,” and so forth.

Comment: I see that I cannot rise above myself, find a connection with the friends, and feel that a single power manages us. I don’t have anything besides the ego, and I begin to work with its help so that the friends will begin to be included within each other.

Answer: Here, it is necessary for there to be a tremendous prayer of thanks to the Creator that He gives you the opportunity to do something in a state of darkness like this.

This is the first right action. If you, at least, have some kind of opportunity to do something correctly, you must immediately thank the Creator. Then, you will come in contact with Him. It won’t be apparent and clear, but it will be a contact.

You have received the opportunity to turn toward the Creator correctly and to thank Him, so you turn to Him with a request to help the friends, and everything will already be in the chain.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day Three” 9/21/14, Lesson 6

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