How Do We Thank The Creator?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we express our gratitude to the Creator?

Answer: Only by wanting His revelation, by that we bring Him contentment.

These words may sound banal, not fully understood, and artificial, but on the whole, it is the only way to explain it using the language of this world. In fact, it is a very high level and we will begin to understand the meaning of these words only when the Creator is revealed.

How can we bring the Creator, the upper force that manages everything, contentment if we run around like bugs on this planet bumping into one another? Do we want Him or not? Does our mood change according to this? Does He suffer or enjoy as a result (the suffering or pleasure of the Shechina -Divinity)? We don’t understand all this, we don’t even understand ourselves.

In fact, all of humanity are upper creatures, not in the way we see it in our egoistic attributes, but in the way we really exist on the level of the general connection, in full adhesion with the Creator. On that level we are totally equal and identical to Him.

So we have to imagine this level, to act it, and everyone should see himself and his friends as worthy of this level. This should raise us.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/23/13, Lesson 3

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