From A Desire To A Thought

Laitman_155Question: We have been talking about the point in the heart for many years. Now we have begun to speak about the point in the mind, what is it?

Answer: The point in the heart and the mental point are two points or two attributes by which I feel, measure, and examine my state, my intention.

The desire exists in a form of a point and the thought is always with the desire. When I feel something in my desire, a thought that connects my current state with the state I want to achieve appears naturally. The thought is born in the gap between what I desire and what I feel.

Thus, the greater the distance between the desired state and the initial state, the more active our thought becomes. If we give a person everything, he doesn’t only lose his desire, but his thoughts also cease to work and he becomes numb.

A thought appears only when a feeling of emptiness appears in the desire, when we lack something. Our thoughts are a derivative of the desire. The desire is the initial phase and the thought is secondary. These two categories have to exist in every person and we have to develop them simultaneously in order to reach our goal.

We picture the goal as a clear state of the group. The point is that the spiritual goal is an unclear, vague concept. We have to imagine it in the material form of the spiritual state, which is the full mutual connection between us when we are all united, mutually caring about one another constantly, when the upper force flows among us and fills, connects, and ties us together.

In other words, the Creator fills the network of the desires, our mutual fear, that we have created. Then we can call this state spiritual.

We have to first picture the state we are in and the state we want to reach. After we feel it clearly, we picture the gap between them in the form of an infinite thought: “How do we attain the desired state.”

Thus we act from a desire to a thought, from a thought to a prayer, to a demand, and to its fulfillment.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Workshop 1

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